About the company

The company «ShipLight» is a manufacturer of marine lighting equipment and electrical connector. The manufactured equipment is:

— Lights:

Fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, LED
Built-in, ceiling, wall, downlights, emergency, explosion-proof
For technical rooms, for open decks, for residential premises

— Floodlights:

Searchlight, floodlight
With incandescent bulb, xenon, halogen, metal halide, sodium, mercury

— Navigation lights:

Double, single
LED, with incandescent bulb
Plastic, stainless steel

— Electrical connector:

Plastic, brass

Imported components are used in production, but due to the policy of the Government of the Russian Federation on import substitution, our goal is to achieve a share of imported components of 0%. All equipment passes quality control.

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We have our own production site with a fleet of machine tools, auxiliary workshops, painting chambers (including powder coating), test benches.

All equipment has the approval of the Russian River Register and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. It is possible to supply equipment from Military Acceptance with the approval of documentation with the military representative of the customer«s enterprise. The equipment approved by the RRR and RMRS has passed all tests in laboratories recognized by the RRR and RMRS.

We do not hide the fact that we use imported, including Chinese components in production. But there are hundreds of manufacturers of similar equipment in China, and often this equipment is of low and disgusting quality, which, of course, also enters the Russian market. However, we buy these components only from one, proven manufacturer. Tested in the testing laboratories of Russia, time-tested. We do not post extraneous photos of production on the site, ours is at the top. We provide warranty and service in Russia, because we ourselves are in its center. We are not someone«s dealers and do not supply directly, all the equipment in Russia.